Moving On

May. 18th, 2016 04:35 pm
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And in many different ways.

I've been to a neurologist for my migraines finally. It was a disappointment. I didn't particularly like the man, but then I didn't think I would considering there isn't any headache certified neurologists in the Treasure Valley area. I did get the medication research showed would help the type of migraines I think I have, so that's at least a plus. My migraines are on the decline.

On a related note, the medication I'm on is an appetite suppressant. My regular doctor had originally suggested this medication simply on the basis that I need to lose weight. Poor reasons, but it was as good a reason as anything else given his knowledge of migraines (my regular doctor is an internal doctor, and migraines aren't exactly his specialty either). I figured if anything, I could at least take advantage of this feature of the medication to take control of my eating habits to start eating healthier.

Which I have. In the last 4 weeks since I started taking my medication I've lost 10 pounds. I've got a follow up with my new neurologist next week, then my regular doctor two weeks again after that. Hopefully I can lose even more by then.

On a different note, my mother and I are making plans to move across the other side of the country. She's retired now, and wants to live closer to our family. It's going to a nightmare to do that, and planning the logistics of it all is going to be a nightmare. In the meantime, we're going through the process of noting down what needs to be fixed in our current house so we can get it ready for sale.

I'm not looking forward to it. Mostly because I don't really want to live in the south. But I really want to live closer to my family, and I think it will be a good think in the long run for us. It will just be a hard thing to go through.

And so it goes
Other things are going well. A few financial things lingering on from my divorce have finally fallen off, which is only of the good. I've been thinking of taking some online classes to get some programming certifications later on, so that will make things easier. Writing has been much easier for me these days too, both fan fiction and original. Maybe some day something of it will be published. I've actually got about five fan fiction stories on the go right now that I've not put online yet, and another six book ideas that are on the back burner for the future.

I'm going on vacation mid June to see my sister for a bit. Hope all is going well with y'all.
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I've been managing to keep up with my word count on NaNoWriMo, though only just. There are some days I don't write at all, but then do major sprints on another day. Not the best way to do it, but I've got a cold. I figure I'm allowed.

I've also been having issues with my hemiplegic migraines. Just the other night I had an attack. I hadn't realized at first what was happening. I had come across a word I wanted to use, but couldn't remember how to spell it. Brain fart, I thought at first. But then I knew what word I wanted to use, but couldn't quite figure out how to say it or spell it. I thought to ask my Mom, but then couldn't get the word out. All I could recall is that it started with a C. But I couldn't say the word. I really couldn't. The knowledge just wasn't there. In the end it took me a full 5 minutes to come up with the word "Compensate". O.o

Other than that, I've been sick since Sunday. Started out with the scratchy throat, and now I'm up to headaches and sniffly nose. I think I'm actually getting better, but my head is still killing me. My poor Mom got sick now too, though I don't think she minds much. She'd been planning a trip to a nearby town a couple hours away to do a big meeting for a project she's part of. She really didn't want to go. She kept bemoaning the fact she hadn't got sick yet for days now. LoL. Luckily for her, she woke up feeling awful today. Sore throat, temperature, and all. I think she'll be regretting that by tomorrow though. Be careful what you wish for.

Now, I'm off to get a few words caught up before I set off to have breakfast. With any luck I can pump out a few thousand words. We shall see.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and that your week will go swimmingly. :)
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Not getting much done these days. My mother successfully retired, but the heat is killing me. I don't think she's taking it well either. Both of us have had our migraines hit us pretty hard the last month or two.

We've been slowly working through the to-do lists Not much home improvement going on other than rearranging the furniture, again.

I've got a ton of books read, which is always awesome. I've been writing a few things too, which is also of the good.

Other than that I'm hot. And my head hurts.

Pfft. Hope everyone else's summer is going better!

Dark Skies

Jul. 12th, 2015 02:25 pm
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It's been very odd weather here lately. We went from horrid heat wave to drastic drop in temperatures and storms. Not that I mind the cooler weather, quite the contrary actually. It's just the migraines the sudden shift in weather causes me I'm having issues with.

It's these rolling black clouds that always get me. Hail storms are the worst, but any dark clouds will do some damage. The past few days have been a lot of memory problems, slurred speech, exhaustion, blurry vision, dizziness, and of course head pain.

When the storms pass, I'll get around to moving again. Until then, I hope everyone's week has went well for them.
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Spring Cleaning
I had a spur of the moment spring cleaning yesterday. A couple women from church were coming over, so of course that means clean the house. But like any other normal person, I decided to spring clean my living room.

Now bear in mind that my living room was in a shambles from moving things in an out of storage deciding what we're keeping and not. So, I had to move furniture and boxes out to the garage (which led to rearranging the garage as well). Then decided to rearrange the living room furniture while I was at it (testing out a new configuration for the potential layout when we switch out the furniture from storage). Then my cookbook shelf fell off the wall (my handyman skills are apparently not up to par), so had to move all those books to a new location.

So, my house is clean. My living room is looking fabulous. And my back hurts. Also, my shoulders.

Moving furniture uses muscles. Who knew?

Mom officially retires at the middle of next week. Her retirement party is tomorrow. That should be fun. It'll be the first time I'm meeting some of her co-workers. I met many of them over the years, but recently not so many. So all the new people are... new. :)

Mom is finally getting mentally ready. She's ready physically. She's almost ready finishing out her projects. She's making lists of what she wants to do once she's got more free time (and making sure there's plenty of stuff from that list for me to do). But making that final step of realizing you're actually retiring and not going to be back in the office is settling in. I think she's accepting it. That's a good thing.

Now I'm off to watch a King Tut documentary, and relax my back and shoulders. I won't be picking up anything heavier than a teacup for the rest of the day. Later on I'll be coloring my hair. No gray hair allowed to make an appearance in my black hair at special events. :D

Hope you all had a great weekend!
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My mother and I had a relaxing weekend. It was a three day weekend for her due to Memorial Day on Monday. I think she rather needed the rest. The closer she gets to retirement means more and more work for her to finish out her projects before she leaves her position. She's rather exhausted.

We've been trying to clean out all of our storage rooms and get rid of furniture we don't need. It's been a long process though as we've both been up and down health wise. We took a break back in December due to us both being sick all the time. We're better now, and with retirement looming on us, we're trying to work as fast as we can to get it done before she retires. That gives us a month.

So, for this week I've got to finish spring cleaning and rearranging the living room. We're considering a move to Wyoming in a year or so, so for now we're also taking this spring clean as a chance to go through everything we own (room by room) and get rid of the excess as we go. I've set a timeline for the end of the week for the living room as my Mom has a co-workers tall son coming in next Saturday to help us short folks change light bulbs, and also help us move in her oversized plants from her office.

Pfft. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I've got some plants and seeds to get in the ground too since the monsoon has moved on.

So, in summary: my week is going to be super busy. Hope you all are going to have a good week!
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Got my dental insurance activated, and finally getting some much needed work done. I love my dentist, and all his little helpers. But I really detest going to get work done on my teeth. Worst thing ever. I don't have many problems with my teeth, but as I get older so do my teeth too apparently.

Also, the teeth issues were interfering with my migraines. It's an odd thing for a migraineur to deal with. Any time the brain is involved, the pain will spread throughout the body along the nerve bundles. So if I've got a migraine starting in my temple, it will flow down the bundle of nerves through my cheek and hit my sinuses, my jaw, and my upper teeth. Sometimes it'll hit my eyes too and make me have blurry vision.

Fun times.

I guess having a cavity and an abscess will cause the exact same pain. So, off to the dentist I go in two weeks to get that taken care of. Even more fun times.

Makes me regret all those times I've ever started a sentence using the phrase, "I'd rather get a root canal than [fill in the blank]." Too late to take it back now. I suppose in a way though it'll give even more credence to the next time I utter the phrase, right? I'll have that painful experience to back it up.



Apr. 7th, 2015 10:51 pm
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I'd love to say I had tons of things done by now. Maybe my weeding and planting done or something. I'd have even settled for reorganizing my kitchen.

But no. I'm still suffering headaches. After a week. Hopefully good news on that front soon, though. I've got an appointment to see a dentist on Friday to get rid of an abscess. I'm hoping that's the majority source of my migraines. If not, it'll be back to the drawing board.

I've not got much more of my writing done as I'd wanted to, unfortunately. I've made some notes though, which is about all I've managed to concentrate for any extended period of time.

Meh. Hope everyone else's weekend and upcoming work week is going well for them!
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I've had an intractable migraine since Sunday. This basically means it doesn't respond to many forms of pain medications. I was actually getting better until late Tuesday when I developed a cold. It rather compounds the issue, and has left me with oodles of time to reflect on all the ways I can be bored.

I don't think I realize just how much energy I have, and just how much I love to be moving, until I'm restricted from doing so. That housework I've been putting off? Would love to do it right now. Weeding the flower beds, and transplanting various plants I've been procrastinating about? I'd be right on it about now if i could. Funny thing is I'm quite certain when I'm feeling better I'll find new ways to procrastinate about those very same things again.

I've been reading an incredible amount. I've wittled down my list of books to read down to nothing. I've started in on mass amounts of fan fiction to make up the gap. Can't say I'll run out of reading material any time soon as I've got shelves of books that are just waiting to be read, but still. There should be limits, shouldn't there?

I got a bit tired of reading now and again, or more accurately it inspired me to write my own stories. I've got plots and outlines for various books and fan fictions. I've been working on expanding on those, and transcribing some of the notes I've got laying around into a more formal format. No word yet on how far I get before any of that ever sees the light of day, but at least I'm getting around to it.

Surprisingly I've not watched much of this, though I have watched plenty of Youtube. I've spent entirely too much time reading. I've added several new things to my queue though, and as my fever spikes again I'm sure it'll be my new entertainment.

And in conclusion...
On a side note to alll this, I think this is the longest I've ever been laid up in bed before. But then again I've never really had compounded medical issues hit me all at once before either. Hopefully I'll come out of this by next week ready to give the books a rest so I can finally rediscover that bright shiny orange globe outside, and maybe get some gardening done.
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Has this become a yearly update? I tend to journal more in my personal diary more these days. Plus, I'm all over social media. I recently updated my profile if that's of any interest to you. If not, prepare to be spammed. I've got most everything I do these days cross-posting to Twitter, from my various articles to my Polyvore boards. So in light of that I'll be making sure those end up here. I don't ever cross-post my entries to my social media, so that's a relief there at least. I'm sure that you won't ever hear from me much if I don't do it this way. Such is life.

Life as we know it
Speaking of life, it's rather weird right now. I've been doing a lot of writing. Some Harry Potter fan fiction, but mostly my own things. My dreams are, and always have been, very weird. So I'm putting some of them in either book or script format. I'm afraid with my migraines as they are I'm rather home bound at the moment. So I do what I can. I also freelance writing, social media managing, and graphic design for various outfits. I keep busy when I can.

The wonderful world of fangirling
Fandom is an ever evolving thing for me. I'll always love my first true blood fandom, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I no longer follow it in any way. I'm still in love with Harry Potter to some degree (if by degree you count obsessively reading fan fiction), and I've even involved my mother in that (whoa nelly!). I don't have cable TV anymore either, and as many do these days I've only got my trusty Netflix. I tend to watch British mysteries these days more than anything (Inspector Lewis, Rosemary & Thyme, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, etc.), and documentaries more than anything. I'm still always up for a weatherpocalypse, ghost haunting, murder mystery, or action thriller (anything with an abnormally high body count and awesome fight scenes).

Retiring and other life events
My mother is retiring soon. I've been helping her renovate her condo to prepare for sale. She's wanting to pack up and move to parts unknown when that happens this summer, though likely won't actually move to another state for another year. She's been carefully examining every state for retiree tax benefits, crime rates, weather, cost of living, and etc to pick the very best state. So far she's got her eye on either northern Nevada or southern Wyoming. I'm sure my sister would have loved it if we moved southeast to be closer to her, but Mom seems to have an aversion to all things racist and Bible Belt. We've taken a look in and around close to her state, but can't seem to find anything that doesn't just make her skin crawl with the idea of sharing breathing space with them. I don't think my Mom ever really did grow out of the 60s, but that's entirely a good thing I think. She was ahead of her time in terms of treating people fairly and equally. Gotta love her.

And so it goes

That's all for now. I'm sure I'll keep far more updated than I have in the past if for no other reason than I've got a new laptop to play with and plenty of free time. Catch up with me on social media if you're out there. I'd love to hear from you all (at least the ones I don't already talk to).
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Woo! Has it really been that long since I posted? Long enough for most to write me off I imagine. O.o Truthfully my migraines have been kicking my ass. Turns out they are hemiplegic, which means its like a stroke when I get one.

The actual day
But back to happier news. My birthday was awesome. It was my week to cook, so I made my own birthday dinner. So I made chicken fajitas. I ordered chocolate covered strawberries from Sherri's Berries for my dessert. Truthfully, the only present I got was from myself. Presents on the way from family though. But I made my birthday order from Sephora and got my haul today too. Got an awesome deal on Charlotte Ronson lip gloss and Urban Decay eyeliner. Added in a new desert colors palette (like I don't have too many already). There were a few other odds and ends, but those three were favs.

The entertainment
This weekend we're going for our annual birthday meal and a movie. Usually its lunch, but this year its breakfast because I'm dying to have a cinnamon roll from a nearby cafe. Those things are huge, and so yummy! We're seeing either Elysium (my choice) or Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Mom's been trying to get me to see it.

Mom is funny

Some of her co-workers were asking after our plans. Some know of our annual film fest. So she tells them we're going to see Elysium because "Rhonda likes Matt Damon." Before they can answer, she follows that up with "...and a high body count."

"Do you mean dead bodies?" One of her coworkers asked her very hesitantly.

Of course she answered with a very cheerful "Yup!" Then she turned and walked away before they could really process it.

She's pretty sure her coworkers think I'm very odd. And in case you were wondering, she was referencing my love of action movies.

She's a funny lady. :-)
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Pretty sure I've got the beginnings of a nasty cold. I woke up early this morning with a nasty cough. Now I've got sniffles and sneezes. I've been sucking on cough drops and drinking my tea with lemon and honey. I've got plans this weekend, so hopefully it passes quickly.


Its giving me weird dreams though.


Last night's odd dream was a post-apocalyptic survival nightmare (sun kerplosion, no zombies). It played out a bit like Tomb Raider meets Blade Runner. Just woke up from another one that was another post-apocalypse, but this one was animated like a Pixar film meets the Twilight Zone.


Best conclusion I've got is my dreams are weird on colds. o.O

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I've been having a lot of fun trying to get my garden prepared. It is finally warming up here, so that doesn't leave me much time to get my seedlings in the ground. I truly adore this time of year. I love watching things come to life and bloom.


I've been bring my time to rethink my life lately. Mostly because of my health, but it has required me to examine some of my goals.


For example, children is one issue. I have finally come to accept that physically it will not happen for me. I have not quite closed the door on adoption, but I know it is a far off goal.


As for the rest of it it's just a matter of rethinking how I'm going to approach my future career. There's a lot of things I can't do anymore because of my physical conditions. That has been the hardest, letting go of a dream.


For now I'm taking it one day at a time.

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I honestly think that laughter is the best way to go. I was lurking on a Twitter conversation with Bruce Campbell ( @groovybruce ) and somebody commented on Spider Man 3 that it was just bad. I thought it was awesome! But then I'm an easy sell. I rather enjoyed Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and I thought the first sequel to Pet Cemetery was a fantastic parody of the first one and laughed the whole way through.


I once spectacularly irritated a coworker when I started laughing in the middle of a project that was heading towards disaster quickly. How can you not laugh? The only other option you have is to cry in despair, but I don't cry. Just... Not ever. I dealt with my grandmothers death with anger. I dealt with my first cats death by cleaning everything. I dealt with my divorce by getting a manicure. I just don't cry.


I suppose that's why my Mom freaked out so much when I burst out crying during my first serious hemiplegic migraine. I was so frustrated my body wouldn't respond to my requests. I couldn't stop my tears when I demanded they get right back in there. Incidentally, I responded to that by watching a comedy.


On a side note, I tear up quite frequently watching Hallmark commercials, Oprah, and movies with sad endings (which is why they're on my Never Watch list). Go figure.

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Bad news


I'll get the bad news out of the way first by saying that I had my first major hemiplegic migraine yesterday. While I do have familial hemiplegic migraines, I have only ever had the symptoms come in bits and pieces. That in itself is scary that they were serious on their own, but to come at one time was a very frightening experience. I believe  [ profile] txrabbit experienced this once, but having one of these migraines is a bit like experiencing a stroke. Scared my mother to death. I'm taking it easy today.


Current obsession


All fandom aside, I can't stop watching the show Clean House (it's a style network show, though I've been watching it on Netflix). I'm a bit of a Clutterbug myself, so it has been a lot of inspiration for me and my mother. We are looking to get rid of about 5 storage rooms worth of furniture soon. So, we have a lot to play with to redo our house one room at a time. Should be fun! I'm planning on posting pictures as we go along, so look out for those.

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I feel bad for not updating more, but to be honest it's been more a case of lethargy. I have finally been able to put a name to my condition and that is familial hemiplegic migraines. For me, they tend to manifest as vistibular migraines. But that basically means is I get dizzy and confused quite often. Unfortunately they are completely out of control and I'm getting migraines on a daily basis, which is frightening because a serious condition will see people having them one week. What does that say about me?


Rethinking life goals


There are a few things I have had to rethink in my life. The most obvious is my ability to work. I don't think I will be able to seriously hold a job outside of the home anymore. Which is a really hard thing to face. But given my job skills I don't have this set required to telecommute at any serious level. Which means, I need to go back to school. I will have to re think my degree and change fields completely.


In that I am actually hopeful that I have an idea for my future. It is just going to take a helluva lot of time and effort get there, mostly because I have to come up with a way to pay for my schooling while I'm having trouble being able to do any significant amount of work. But I will find off way before, because I am very determined.


That's it for now


There is more to this thing called my life, that but that is not enough depression for one day. Maybe I can try to update more than once a year. We will just have to see how that goes, right?

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My mom got back from her annual trip to see my sister with a bad case of pneumonia. She's only just now getting better after a month and a half.


Last week on her regular follow up, or rather right before we left, she slipped on the stairs. She flew down to the landing below and ended up fracturing three ribs. Unfortunately it was on the same side as her pneumonia.


She goes back to work Monday at least part time. Cross your fingers.


Not much else has been going on lately as I've been home taking care of Mom.


More on all other things later.

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Long time no see! I've gotten out of the habit of updating this like I used to. This past year struggling with my ever worsening migraines has been hell. I can't think straight most days. It's gotten better, meaning I'm not blacking out much anymore. But there are still days my brain won't function right.

I'm spending most of my time at home these days. I'm doing a bit of freelance web and graphic work when I can.

Been taking some time to spring clean my life in the off times. My mother and I are consolidating our storage rooms. We've both got years worth of crap from our failed marriages to sort through. We're finally getting around to selling off what we won't use (seriously, there's like five storage rooms worth of stuff we're facing here).

Got around to sorting through old love letters yesterday. Threw away every last one of them. Feels rather good, you know?

As for Christmas coming around, I'm about ready. I'm going Hermione Granger this year and getting academic worthy presents for almost everyone I know. It's a bit unusual for me, but it seemed right this year. I've just got a few more stocking stuffers to get and then I'm done.

Hope everyone of y'all is having a good holiday season so far. Everyone got their shopping done yet?
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Yes, I'm alive.

No,my computer is not.

Yes, I'm sick this weekend (have been for a few days.) Yes, I'm also getting better.

No, I'm not sad about that (all the better reason to hibernate during the Halloween season). You can't believe the amount of shows I've been going through on Netflix. Between no computer (my Mom's is available, but it's unbelievably slow), and being sick, it's about all I have to do.

Yes, my old Xbox has finally kicked it (the old one, not a 360). It was my last working DVD player able to be hooked up to my TV.

Yes, I still have my wee little portable one and have also been making use of it this weekend.

Reason #2 I've not got much to do: my Mother is out of town for the next 10 days.

Oh yes, and I'm trying to play plumber at home. My toilet broke. It took me 3 days to work off one bolt and the water hose to get the tank off the bowl. Have yet to try and do the rest of it.

No, I'm not sad I didn't take up plumbing as a profession. I'd never make it. LOL

Yes, that's about it for now. I'm off to finally start the Vampire Diaries and Merlin series on Netflix. Yay!
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Back to trying Melatonin. Been trying to do without any sort of sleep aid for awhile now, but ever so often I just can't sleep without something.

Had an odd experience with Half & Half today (if you don't have it where you live, it's a dairy product that's half cream, half milk). I think it was tainted. I opened a fresh bottle and it tasted almost like almonds. Very odd for a milk product. Didn't taste right, so I only drank half and threw the rest of my tea out.

Didn't toss the Half & Half though, because it wasn't sour. Just... off. Thought maybe it was just me, so I asked me Mom to test it tonight, and I got it out and it smelled bitter. Not sour yet, just... a bit like an almond-sweet buttermilk. I ended up pouring it right out. It was really thick like full fat cream.

So, so weird. I reported it to the store I bought it from. Not sure what to think. Tried to Google some reference on the smell, but nothing came up.

Bah. Short update for now. More later. Off to head into the basement so I can attempt to cool down.

Hope everyone else isn't melting where you are!


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