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Jun. 30th, 2015 09:31 am
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Down to the wire here with Mom's retirement. It's her last day today. I've got in with her yesterday and today in the mornings to help clean out her office and computer. I'm picking her up one final time tonight.

She's finally excited for it, but I think it's still a bit bittersweet. She'll miss her co-workers I'm sure. I don't doubt she'll keep in contact with many of them.

This weekend was hell for us here in Boise. We've been having an abnormally hot June. Normally our hot month is July. Oddly everything this year has been moved up a month weather wise. Saturday had a high of 105F, and Sunday got all the way up to 110F. We don't have central air conditioning either, so it's been interesting. We normally do okay with the cooler diy thing, but when it doesn't cool all the way off at night on the hotter days it just stays hot all day.

Luckily my basement bedroom is a bit cooler overall than the rest of the house. We've had dinner in here a few nights, and always cool down in the evenings too. I'm going to have to rearrange my bedroom to make it more like a recreation room so it'll be more comfortable for us down here when we want to hang out in the cooler part of the house.

Not much else is going on. I've got a few things to update on my computer today, then I'm going back this afternoon to help Mom out again. More on this later.

Hope you all are staying cooler than I am!
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Spring Cleaning
I had a spur of the moment spring cleaning yesterday. A couple women from church were coming over, so of course that means clean the house. But like any other normal person, I decided to spring clean my living room.

Now bear in mind that my living room was in a shambles from moving things in an out of storage deciding what we're keeping and not. So, I had to move furniture and boxes out to the garage (which led to rearranging the garage as well). Then decided to rearrange the living room furniture while I was at it (testing out a new configuration for the potential layout when we switch out the furniture from storage). Then my cookbook shelf fell off the wall (my handyman skills are apparently not up to par), so had to move all those books to a new location.

So, my house is clean. My living room is looking fabulous. And my back hurts. Also, my shoulders.

Moving furniture uses muscles. Who knew?

Mom officially retires at the middle of next week. Her retirement party is tomorrow. That should be fun. It'll be the first time I'm meeting some of her co-workers. I met many of them over the years, but recently not so many. So all the new people are... new. :)

Mom is finally getting mentally ready. She's ready physically. She's almost ready finishing out her projects. She's making lists of what she wants to do once she's got more free time (and making sure there's plenty of stuff from that list for me to do). But making that final step of realizing you're actually retiring and not going to be back in the office is settling in. I think she's accepting it. That's a good thing.

Now I'm off to watch a King Tut documentary, and relax my back and shoulders. I won't be picking up anything heavier than a teacup for the rest of the day. Later on I'll be coloring my hair. No gray hair allowed to make an appearance in my black hair at special events. :D

Hope you all had a great weekend!
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Trying to keep cool
It's been super hot here lately, well hotter than it usually is this time of year at any rate. I rather fear for the hottest part of the season next month. I may just melt.

I've been using this nifty little device since last year to cool our house since we don't have central air. We used to have air conditioners in the windows, but removed them after figuring out it was costing us an extra $75 a month just to run them. We have a swamp cooler too, but it doesn't work quite as well as it should considering the air is so very dry here.

What I ended up using was a styrofoam cooler. Weird, I know. But it works. You filled it with frozen bottles of water. Then you add in two u-bend pipes on each side of the top (for the outflow), and a big circle cut out in the middle (for the inflow) which you direct a fan in it face down. Cold air blows out each little pipe. Could work better in a smaller place than mine, as this is an open floor plan space. But it generally keeps the place about 15° cooler on average. Not too bad. If you're interested, I got the idea from a video from the Household Hacker on Youtube.

It's an ugly thing, but if it keeps me cool I'm happy. I had a picture of it, but can't seem to get my Google Drive to show the picture I uploaded correctly so I can transfer it to the laptop. Ah well.

Garden when you can
Between the hot weather and the morning migraines, I've been having trouble doing any gardening. Usually I'd do it in the morning when its cooler, but those migraines I usually get in the morning lately have made it difficult. I've ended up doing it quite late in the evening instead. It's not as hot as it is during the day. Because it stays light out so late now, I can get out there anytime between 7 and 9 and get a bit done. Depending on how I'm feeling, it may not even be more than 5 minutes some days. But every little bit helps. I've managed to clear out two beds that way. Working on a third now.

Into the homestretch
My mom's retirement is finally getting closer. We go in on Saturday to finish cleaning out her office to make room for the new guy. Then on the 25th is her retirement party. I think she retires officially at the end of this month, whenever the pay period for that ends. She's definitely ready to call it a day already.


That's about it for now. I've not had the time to set out and do much these last few weeks. I've had two root canals done now. I go back next month to finish one, then get a crown put in mid-way through August. Fun times! Hope you all had great weeks. :)
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I'm having a quiet morning. The last couple days have been a bit crazy. Last week's cleaning was extended a bit, mostly because the guy hired to replace my Mom once she retires gave up the job. So while they were looking for another new person, we worked on other things.

We're slowly forming solid plans for the fixing up of this place. We want to spring clean, and get everything up to snuff. But we're also doing things with a tilt towards eventually selling the place. The question comes down to how best to spend money on the place without dipping into the profit we'd get from selling.

It heated up a bit the last several days, so with a break in the weather I'm battling migraines. I'm rather hoping though with the cooler weather I'll get a break in the pain so I can do more work in the garden. I've got a few super sized weeds I need to do battle with. Seriously, these puppies are ready to revolt and take over the garden.

Bah. Less talking, more working. Hope you all had a brilliant weekend, and hope your week goes fantastic!
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My mother and I had a relaxing weekend. It was a three day weekend for her due to Memorial Day on Monday. I think she rather needed the rest. The closer she gets to retirement means more and more work for her to finish out her projects before she leaves her position. She's rather exhausted.

We've been trying to clean out all of our storage rooms and get rid of furniture we don't need. It's been a long process though as we've both been up and down health wise. We took a break back in December due to us both being sick all the time. We're better now, and with retirement looming on us, we're trying to work as fast as we can to get it done before she retires. That gives us a month.

So, for this week I've got to finish spring cleaning and rearranging the living room. We're considering a move to Wyoming in a year or so, so for now we're also taking this spring clean as a chance to go through everything we own (room by room) and get rid of the excess as we go. I've set a timeline for the end of the week for the living room as my Mom has a co-workers tall son coming in next Saturday to help us short folks change light bulbs, and also help us move in her oversized plants from her office.

Pfft. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I've got some plants and seeds to get in the ground too since the monsoon has moved on.

So, in summary: my week is going to be super busy. Hope you all are going to have a good week!
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I've had an intractable migraine since Sunday. This basically means it doesn't respond to many forms of pain medications. I was actually getting better until late Tuesday when I developed a cold. It rather compounds the issue, and has left me with oodles of time to reflect on all the ways I can be bored.

I don't think I realize just how much energy I have, and just how much I love to be moving, until I'm restricted from doing so. That housework I've been putting off? Would love to do it right now. Weeding the flower beds, and transplanting various plants I've been procrastinating about? I'd be right on it about now if i could. Funny thing is I'm quite certain when I'm feeling better I'll find new ways to procrastinate about those very same things again.

I've been reading an incredible amount. I've wittled down my list of books to read down to nothing. I've started in on mass amounts of fan fiction to make up the gap. Can't say I'll run out of reading material any time soon as I've got shelves of books that are just waiting to be read, but still. There should be limits, shouldn't there?

I got a bit tired of reading now and again, or more accurately it inspired me to write my own stories. I've got plots and outlines for various books and fan fictions. I've been working on expanding on those, and transcribing some of the notes I've got laying around into a more formal format. No word yet on how far I get before any of that ever sees the light of day, but at least I'm getting around to it.

Surprisingly I've not watched much of this, though I have watched plenty of Youtube. I've spent entirely too much time reading. I've added several new things to my queue though, and as my fever spikes again I'm sure it'll be my new entertainment.

And in conclusion...
On a side note to alll this, I think this is the longest I've ever been laid up in bed before. But then again I've never really had compounded medical issues hit me all at once before either. Hopefully I'll come out of this by next week ready to give the books a rest so I can finally rediscover that bright shiny orange globe outside, and maybe get some gardening done.
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I've been having a lot of fun trying to get my garden prepared. It is finally warming up here, so that doesn't leave me much time to get my seedlings in the ground. I truly adore this time of year. I love watching things come to life and bloom.


I've been bring my time to rethink my life lately. Mostly because of my health, but it has required me to examine some of my goals.


For example, children is one issue. I have finally come to accept that physically it will not happen for me. I have not quite closed the door on adoption, but I know it is a far off goal.


As for the rest of it it's just a matter of rethinking how I'm going to approach my future career. There's a lot of things I can't do anymore because of my physical conditions. That has been the hardest, letting go of a dream.


For now I'm taking it one day at a time.

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So it would seem this site has been attacked once again. I'm getting through okay the moment, but it's been intermittent.


For those of you for talking to other sites, I am on both insanejournal and dreamwidth under the same username.


I don't use the former much, but I currently mirror my posts over at dreamwidth.


@ Dreamwidth


@ InsaneJournal

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This lady did an adorable parody of Psy's "Gangnam Style" song. She did exactly what I thought the first time I saw it: horses.


Kandee Johnson Kan-gnam parody


Btw, all but two of the older kids in the video are hers. Her mother filmed it. It was quite the family affair!

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I had an absolutely awesome birthday. It was honestly pretty quiet, but still a day that brought me happiness.


I actually started celebrating this weekend when my mother took me out to lunch at my favorite Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet (which has excellent coconut milk chicken by the way). Then she took me to see Men in Black 3, which I have been dying to see for ages now.


For my actual birthday she gave me a native american-style necklace. She has one that I have been eyeing for ages in a similar style, and apparently she had bought mine at the same time and only now remembered that she even had it (which I'm thankful for because I absolutely adore it). If you have Instagram I put a picture of it there: saifai @ Instagram


I bought myself something too, and made my birthday order at Sephora. I'm getting tons of samples and luxury size items to try out, sale items, a palette or two... things like that.




That's about it for now. I want to thank all of you that sent me birthday wishes. I am off to take a sick today, and watch a movie. Hopefully I can update more later

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I've been watching the news lately to catch news of the fires in colorado springs. I grew up there,  and I've still got family and friends that live there. I think between my sister, mother, and I we've been driving them all just a wee bit insane. Luckily they've all been fine so far (though my uncle solved the dilemma by going on a boating trip).


As for the rest, I've been trying to get caught up, and keep up with chores around the house. My mother is finally doing better now that she's going back to work half time.


As for me, I've just been laying around today nursing a migraine and making orders on my phone for beauty tools. I thought a few brushes, makeup setting spray, hd powder, and a few new lip products to try.


Now if only I can convince myself I really need to get up and start my day...

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I just had to switch my theme because now that the scrapbook is gone all of my theme pictures have disappeared. Found a decent replacement but is not the same. I'll miss you old theme.
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I find it absolutely interesting that when we change with the times, we so quickly forget the past. Of course recently it has been something for less serious for me; take my new phone for example. I found I had to get something off of my old phone and then I went back to try to use it and I had completely forgotten how to work the controls.


Bear in mind my new phone has touch controls. I kept trying to tap the screen of my old phone, cursing all the while . "What are you doing?" my mother asked me with laughter in her voice. It was about that point that I realized exactly what I was doing wrong.



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My cat is like my alarm clock. She waits until there's sign of life, and starts the meowing campaign. It doesn't really stop until I go upstairs towards the kitchen.

Once I get close enough, she'll walk in front of me as close to my feet as possible. If she could put me on a leash and lead me to her food bowl, I'm certain she'd try it.

I yelled at her this morning to get off my feet, or at least tried to, "Diamond! Will you get off my paws?! Err... I meant... pffft, you know what I mean. I'm trying to walk here!"

Both cats kind of stopped and looked at me funny and then kept guiding to their future breakfast.

(Not so) Secret Identity
On a side note, I renamed one of my alternate accounts (different from the one I use to test layouts). When I first set this blog up, I wanted my old username but it was taken. So I went with the name of my website as a username. That name has been purged finally, so I took it back and used it to rename one of my alt accounts - [livejournal.com profile] foxshadow.

I'm still considering what I'll use it for (as I was when I got the alt account like 5 years ago). I'm thinking of just focusing on my interests in healthy, beauty, and art. Then this one would remain personal, fandom, and whatever hell else I can think of.

We shall see. Anyone have any thoughts in particular on this subject?

Thank you!

Feb. 26th, 2012 04:01 pm
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Big thanks for [livejournal.com profile] reddwarf75 for the profile gift. It's absolutely adorable!!! *gloms* ;D
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With the new year comes a refreshing change. Even if things are the same, I always feel like the world has just had a good cleansing rain.

Daily Life
As for me, I've made a resolution to post more. I compose journal entries in my head, but somehow they never make it here. Will be trying to work on that (I submit this entry as evidence).

Working on the early schedule at church. I went from an 11am schedule to a 9am schedule. My mom and I have a big full breakfast on Sundays before I go to church. Last year she cooked them so it'd be ready by the time I finished with my shower and getting dressed. This year since I've got to get up so early, we switched. Big change for me, but it's causing me to have to shift my schedule for the rest of the week so Sunday isn't such a shock.

As for the rest of me, I'm not working as much. Fall and Winter are tough in me for migraines. Winter hit late for us this year, so this month has been tiring for me. I'm trying to be a normal person though, so I get up and get ready for my day. I shower, dress, put on makeup. Seems like a little thing, but when you're trapped at home and not feeling well, it's a huge step.

In fandom news, I'm still an avid Harry Potter reader. Though I've found my interests are changing. I'm very much less tolerant on ill-written stories. I don't care much for pure fluff and schmoop either. I need something to mix it up.

As for TV, I just don't watch it much. I tried to get into a few things through Netflix, and so far the only thing I can't get enough of is Lie To Me, Johnny Test, and Phineas and Ferb. Other than that I've been catching occasional episodes of Grimm, NCIS and NCIS: LA, Doctor Who (which has seemed to have redeemed it in my eyes since I stuck with it this season), and Hawaii Five-O. Ever so often we throw in other things like Burn Notice, Leverage, and Chuck. And Sherlock, mustn't forget Sherlock.

Ah, and I've got my Mom addicted to fan fiction. LOL. She hasn't checked out a book from the library in months (and she used to come home with stuff by the truckload). She's mostly into Harry Potter (and I've even got her reading a bit of slash), and has ventured into stuff for NCIS and Stargate. She even setup her own account at FF.net. It's so weird.

That's about all I have the gumption to type for today. More another day. Hope everyone's having a great week!
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Yes, I'm alive.

No,my computer is not.

Yes, I'm sick this weekend (have been for a few days.) Yes, I'm also getting better.

No, I'm not sad about that (all the better reason to hibernate during the Halloween season). You can't believe the amount of shows I've been going through on Netflix. Between no computer (my Mom's is available, but it's unbelievably slow), and being sick, it's about all I have to do.

Yes, my old Xbox has finally kicked it (the old one, not a 360). It was my last working DVD player able to be hooked up to my TV.

Yes, I still have my wee little portable one and have also been making use of it this weekend.

Reason #2 I've not got much to do: my Mother is out of town for the next 10 days.

Oh yes, and I'm trying to play plumber at home. My toilet broke. It took me 3 days to work off one bolt and the water hose to get the tank off the bowl. Have yet to try and do the rest of it.

No, I'm not sad I didn't take up plumbing as a profession. I'd never make it. LOL

Yes, that's about it for now. I'm off to finally start the Vampire Diaries and Merlin series on Netflix. Yay!
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Completely random, but here goes.

  • Rearranging my living room right now. Loving the arrangement, but not loving that all of a sudden mass amounts of clutter have been unearthed. Damnit, I'm going to have to CLEAN!

  • Finally getting a good handle on my migraines. I"ve found quite a few of my triggers including various foods, my period, weather issues, and a few others. Got a good assortment of vitamins and OTC drugs that are helping far more than any of the prescriptions do. I'm still not 100%, but I'm feeling pretty good.

  • Colored my hair again. It's like the fifth time in a row I've gotten a coupon for a free box of hair color. This time it was John Frieda foaming color. LOVE IT! The shade I got is rather like black henna. Very dark brown color, but with red highlights here and there. Very close to my original color actually. Got one more free color coupon to go through, but so far this particular brand is coming out on top.

  • My mother and I have been going through our storage rooms. We're determined to get rid of them. After her divorce, and my own, we've got like three houses worth of furniture that we just don't need. So we're actually redecorating the house using what furniture we do have, to see what we can get rid of. It's a real mess, and I've a feeling this is going to be a long project, but I've got a good feeling about it.

    Bleaugh, that's it for now. Got a few chores to take care of. Hope everyone had a decent weekend.
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    Back to trying Melatonin. Been trying to do without any sort of sleep aid for awhile now, but ever so often I just can't sleep without something.

    Had an odd experience with Half & Half today (if you don't have it where you live, it's a dairy product that's half cream, half milk). I think it was tainted. I opened a fresh bottle and it tasted almost like almonds. Very odd for a milk product. Didn't taste right, so I only drank half and threw the rest of my tea out.

    Didn't toss the Half & Half though, because it wasn't sour. Just... off. Thought maybe it was just me, so I asked me Mom to test it tonight, and I got it out and it smelled bitter. Not sour yet, just... a bit like an almond-sweet buttermilk. I ended up pouring it right out. It was really thick like full fat cream.

    So, so weird. I reported it to the store I bought it from. Not sure what to think. Tried to Google some reference on the smell, but nothing came up.

    Bah. Short update for now. More later. Off to head into the basement so I can attempt to cool down.

    Hope everyone else isn't melting where you are!
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    Been a bit off weather lately. My time of the month is here for one, stomach problems on top of that (both of which make the migraines worse). Been trying to take it easy, and not been sleeping well to boot (it's been so hot here).

    Took some sleeping pill last night (Ambien), which you may by now that it makes me act funny sometimes (not always, but maybe more than half the time). I try to stay off the internet, away from people, and turn my phone off just before I take some (to prevent weird conversations). However last night I ended up being a bit productive. I don't remember doing any of this, but here's what I woke up to:
  • One tan leg (what product I used to achieve that I don't know)
  • Found all of the single and pairs of shoes I'd thought I lost and haven't been able to find for ages
  • Managed to find all the left socks I lost, in addition to odd towels and sheets and filled up a laundry basket with it (where I found them, I've no idea)
  • Rearranged the fish tank area, and apparently did some maintenance to the tank itself (added the chemicals, changed filter, refreshed the water, etc.)
  • Started cleaning out my bathroom cupboards and drawers (there's a couple packed boxes I need to go through stacked in my shower of all places)

    I think that's about it. If there's more, I haven't found it. Sad thing is, I don't remember doing much else other than washing my face and heading to bed to read for awhile before sleeping. Apparently I got bored?

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